About Us

Preparing our community for all levels of Disc Golf.
US/YDGA began in 2007, officially founded in 2013. Our main focus is students, schools & families. The US/YDGA Extracurricular Disc Golf Program is an excellent way for young people and beginners to learn disc golf while receiving the opportunity for personal growth. Currently, disc golf is one of the fastest growing and most popular sports in the world. Our program is one of the fastest growing after school clubs in the Spokane area.
Students find that disc golf is fun, developmental, social, challenging and full of opportunity. Especially, for those who do not play mainstream sports. 80% of our participants DO NOT play currently offered sports programs. 55% are female. 40% have physical development, social development or health issues.

US/YDGA has partnerships with several, community businesses & entities, who believe that this sport needs to be made available to our schools, youth, families and our local areas.

US/YDGA focuses on connecting our programs, families and students with safe disc golf courses and playing fields. Our partners & associates have opened their private courses, land and parks to enable our youth, school & family events.


US/YDGA Programs

The US/YDGA programs started out as an idea with the intent to get more families and schools involved in the sport. In 2007 we noticed that, although very popular and fast growing, disc golf seemed to be missing proper outreach to young athletes, schools, families and students, in the Inland N.W. So, we stepped up to create an avenue for these groups. In 2008, Erin Johnson began to write the programs. In 2010, SPS teachers, Sam Compongo and Jeff Ennis, invited Erin to West View Elementary to pilot the program. Over the next 5 years Erin put together sponsors, community support, logistics, program details and partnerships with school districts. Officially, the program began with 60 students and three SPS schools. Now over 3000 students, 10,000 family members, 40+ schools, 4 districts, 36+ sponsors and several community partners have participated. We are very excited to include more districts & regions as we grow in divisions and regional competitions with students and schools.

Currently Offered:

After School Extra-curricular
Elite Training & Beginner Summer Camps
Disc Drive Fundraisers
 Regional District Tournaments
Disc Golf Croquet
Permanent & "Pop-up" - Jr. Disc Golf Course Building
Awards Development - C.S.S. Business Basics Class
Disc Golf for the Blind & Developmentally Challenged
coming soon.......

US/YDGA Coaches
We are exceptionally proud of the men and women who have been excellent examples of a US/YDGA coach.

Our mission: to positively affect our community through the gift of disc golf.  With US/YDGA Trained Coaches, students who DO NOT play mainstream sports, have been enjoying the fun and health benefits of disc golf. Also, students who are developmentally challenged have been entering this sport, as well. Coaches receive personal training, at no cost, on their own fields. Training is focused on safety, development, and effect. Coaching is fun and easy, even if you don't throw.

Coaches & Teen Leaders:
Alex Tyson – Amanda Richards – Chris Eddy – Chris Re – Curtis Ransford – Derek Cartwright – Emma House - Gracie Newman – JD Peterson – J.P. Russo – Katina House – Lucas Cassidy -  Matt Miller – Melody Bailey – Nancy Morgan – Paul Pederson – Rick Provost – Ross Leu – Sai Anonda – Steve Simmons – T.C. Bare – Zavyur Johnson - Jeff Ennis - Jacob Baldry - Ian Jacobson - Ryan Foley - Darcy Josephson - Shari Healy - Shannon Deerheim - Craig Kenagy - Destiny Jackson - Zachary Anyon - Josh Reynolds - Audra Slocum - Jennifer Saunders - Nathan Arnett - Pat McCann - Cyndi Holtzer - Jordan Holtzer - Miles Eddy - Kori Walter - Sean A. - Tyler Robbins - Jeremia Cooper - Wes Abbey -  Grant C. - Brian Connelly - Nancy Adams - Elaina Rankin - Alexandra Talles - Christina Paino - Rhonda Lebreict - Linda ??? - George Jackson - Sarah Goodey

Thank you for supporting this new way of affecting our Youth & Schools. Now disc golf is an active extracurricular program. DG challenges students in a natural low impact manner. Families, beginners, students, developmentally challenged, young athletes, teen leaders and trained coaches are now able to enjoy the growth of this amazing sport, right in their own school yards.

 Thank you for your dedication.