US/YDGA Disc Drive

Earn your own, high-end, disc golf equipment. Participation is free. This is a fundraiser where the participating student (you) collect pledges from sponsors (people you & your family know) and play the tournament to help under-income schools. 100% of proceeds help the schools in need of disc golf programming while YOU walk away with new discs, baskets and/or longboards. Click this button to download all the info about the Disc Drive.

Teen Leaders

Do you want to do what we do & give the gift of disc golf? Awesome!! We want to give you an opportunity to lead and show forward motion to the next. Some districts have employment ops for TLs. If they don't, we do. Click this button if you think you are serious.  

Student Launch and Info

Events Calendar

Click this button to download or view the current season calendar. Page 1 has the dates. Page 2 has descriptions and locations. All events are free to you, your family and team. Most students are transported by parents or carpooling parents. Some coaches will try to bus the whole team. See your coach for details. Try to help teammates carpool with you and your parent/guardian.

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  Helpful Links & Student Info


"There are many things to win. The 1st thing is experience. Experience takes you to the next level, in many ways. The more life experience you gain, the more likely you are to attain control of your destiny. The tougher the struggle, the stronger you become. The more disc golf experience you have, the more likely you are to win your category and take your championship. Champions aren't always first. Champions show respect & appreciate experience whether 1st or last. The best champions care more about experience, not trophies. Trophies are physical and important but, the best trophy rests only in your heart. The trophy of experience. Whether hot or cold, win or lose. We can't know winning without losing. Winning isn't that good if there is no fight. Fight everyday for what you want. Learn, grow, listen, share, look past trying and just do it. Giving up is not an option. Set your heart on being the champion of your important life". Coach Maka 

Disc Golf awards anyone who tries it. This program awards the top 3 of each of the 10 categories with physical prizes. Medals, Discs and CSS Longboards. Click this button to see what you are shooting for and what the face of champions looks like, what the fighters look like. They look just like you.

Summer Camps

Summer Camps are soooooo awesome!! US/YDGA Sanctioned Coaches, form tuning, beginner perfect, advancement training, finding your strengths, personal achievement and total exploration of you & your capabilities with a simple piece of the woods......with friends......making relationships.....learning responsibility.....smashing chains.....launching discs.....while the sun smiles on us.....or maybe it rains.....either way.....we throw & grow!!!  

Disc golf is a great way to create healthy habits in the beautiful outdoors and take a break from the video games. With the US/YDGA it starts right at your own school. Mastering the basics, during your team practices, is how to start. Off-campus events are where you can really challenge yourself and have fun with your team, family and friends. Field drills and challenges are designed to prepare you for the real course. So, tighten your personal throwing skills during scheduled practices. Watch the Weekly Instructional Videos and practice at your home, field or park. Careful out there. Watch for others and be patiently polite. Incredible and beautiful disc golf experiences await you. The feeling you achieve when you make your first big putt or long controlled drive, is out of this world. Discover your skills and strengths with disc golf. Scroll down for more info........