The US/YDGA is committed to provide family & student oriented events, free of cost. Every event related to DG Programs in Schools has absolutely free participation for all students, family and friends. Some events are totally family oriented while others are focused on student growth. See Calendar for details. 

Participating in these events will help prepare your child for personal growth, within this healthy outdoor activity. Growth opportunities range from social to physical. Family Field Trips (FFTs) are a great place to start with the whole family. Meets are where students and families can continue learning & try to compete against the course. Teams welcome, too. Some coaches bus. Ask if that will be the case with your team coach.

Competitions are free, too. Qualifier Events are where your child can qualify to be in the ADFT. The All District Final Tournament is the last competition where top 3 students, of each category, win medals & medal stamped discs. 1st place in each category wins a State-of-the-Art Longboard Skateboard from one of our sponsors. Also, Students have huge ACE pots. If they hit a "hole in one", they win the ACE POT. 7th - 12th graders are shooting for a NEW Toyota or $20,000 toward any college. 6th grades and below are shooting for the "Big Toys Ace Pot". 

The US/YDGA Disc Drive is awesome for students and families who want to earn high-end disc golf equipment without spending a dime. Just a little time collecting pledges and attending one of the 2 dates, is all it takes. Participating students are the first to benefit while all proceeds go to help under-income schools gain DG equipment for their own programming. Fly-Dye Discs, Full Disc Bags, Portable Baskets, and Custom Longboards are the participation prizes. Click the Disc Drive button to download your Disc Drive Packet and begin collecting pledges. 

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