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School Teams

US/YDGA School Programs use campus outskirts, near by parks, and available fields. Disc Golf DOES NOT INTERFERE with other programs who may be using fields. DG caters to those who DO NOT play mainstream sports but still need exercise, challenge and skill building. Social, physical, mental skills and more are available with this program. Academics: mental math, physics, ergonomics, etc....

            US/YDGA Extracurricular Programs 

School Program Services include:

  • Written Program. Daily practice details. Easy to follow. Includes all logistical details.
  • Personal Coach Training​. Teachers can be recruited and trained as coaches. Coaching is very easy. Training is scheduled at coach's school & convenience. Training covers safety, development, effect and how to use limited practice areas. US/YDGA Coaches can be provided where a teacher coach is unavailable.
  • Field Strategy Guide. This is a reference guide to insure safe playing fields.
  • Oversight. Coaches and teams receive full support, all season, from a US/YDGA Director. Including at least one US/YDGA Director visit for all piloting schools or schools with new coaches.
  • Sponsor Recruitment. With proper notice, US/YDGA can help any school receive equipment from one or more of our many sponsors. Sponsored equipment remains the property of the sponsored school. Click here for more info on gaining sponsorship for your school.
  • Off Campus Events. No bussing needed. US/YDGA handles all logistics related to optional off campus events. Each school team can participate in regional Family Field Trips, Meets, Round Robins & the All District Final Tournament. click here for more info on these events

School Programs & Teams    K - 12th grade