Full School Sets

Simple Donation - ANY AMOUNT

Support Disc Golf Students -

Schools & Teams - Champions & Awards


District Championship Tournaments are growing quickly. Over 400 spectators and participants. Regional Family Field Trips, Round Robins and Meets host upwards of 250, on average. Simple event sponsorships go a long way. Get your banner at our events for the next session. 3 Family Field Trips, 3 Meets, 3 Round Robins & 1 All District Championship

Special Awards

Special awards are in place for ACEs, 100' Field Aces, major improvements, "hidden leaders", attitude adjustments, trick shots, etc... You can donate promotional items and unique prize items. All sponsors receive recognitions. 

Set up your Special Awards, donated items or promotional items by calling or emailing Erin. 509-710-0930 or usydgadiscgolf@gmail.com

$250 per

Schools & teams 

You or your company can sponsor the much needed discs for school & teams. Sponsors get permanent logo placement on the discs. Discs remain school property forevermore. These sponsored items will remain in use for upwards of 10 years with a one time support commitment. Putters, Midrange and Drivers are all necessary for a team to train, gain skills and have fun.

Putter sets = $350

Midrange Sets = $350

Driver Sets = $350

Baskets = $200

Includes; Customization,

shipping, tax, delivery,

labeled tote bins & 

discs for the sponsor

to keep.


Parks & Rec. Course Install


Individual students need personal equipment. Effective rewards techniques are in place so students can earn or win full equipment sets. You can sponsor one or more children, while receiving recognition on our site and at events where beginner packs are earned or won. Sponsors can designate to low income students. Packs include;

Driver, Midrange, Putter,

Mini, H2O Bottle &

Double Pocket Tote.

Advance Pack


All Session Events


You or your company can sponsor Disc Golf Category Champions. Sponsor logo, likeness or idea is featured on the boards. The boards remain in sponsors possession or posted storefront. When a season ends, the board is awarded to a young Disc Golf Champion. Sponsors receive logo placement on this site, social media, support certificates, business ads in player packs, banner placement at events and event booths. 100% of funds are used to perpetuate the CSS Awards Program and cover customization & hard-costs.   

$36 per

$48 per

School Session Fee

Disc Sets

$25.00 - 1 Event

Do A Fundraiser

Raising sponsor funds is very easy. We can fully host or help YOU host a fundraiser at your business or school. Raised funds can supply schools with necessary equipment. The host's logo is permanent on funded equipment.

Set up your fundraiser by calling or emailing Erin at 509-710-0930 or usydgadiscgolf@gmail.com